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  • Advanced functional lab testing including blood, microbiome, and saliva analysis.
  • Ask about our Cardiovascular Non-Invasive Early Detection Package – read more.
  • We have in-house Phlebotomy for guests and members.
  • You may benefit from our Integrative Nurse Coaching Service – read more.
  • Based on your personalized treatment plan, your doctor may recommend one or more of the following services and testing:

Intravenous Vitamins/Minerals– customized formulas to deliver high concentrations of nutrients.  Common indications include immune dysfunction, leaky gut, neuro-degenerative conditions, chronic fatigue, nutrient deficiencies.

WatchPAT– FDA-approved home sleep study that uses the most innovative technology to assess your sleep patterns and diagnose sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home.

EndoPAT– FDA cleared non-invasive diagnostic device for assessing of Endothelial Dysfunction (arterial health): a functional test for early detection of underlying vascular disease. Endothelial Dysfunction is the earliest detectable stage of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Dexcom– FDA-approved device that is worn for 1 week to continuously monitor and report blood sugar. Frequently used to evaluate responses to diet & medication changes in the treatment of diabetes.

ZioPatch– FDA-approved small, discreet heart monitor that continuously records heart rhythm for the diagnosis of arrhythmia.

Ankle Brachial Index– noninvasive testing for risk of peripheral artery disease.

Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)– measures body composition including fat, lean muscle mass and water weight.

Basal Metabolic Rate Analysis– measures your resting metabolism and calorie needs. Used to personalize lifestyle recommendations

Spirometry– A test of your lung capacity used to assess airway disease such as asthma.

DEXA– Bone density test used for screening osteoporosis. Uses ultrasound technology to assess trabecular bone in the heel.

HeartMath ™ -a technique that trains you to control your autonomic nervous system for a healthier heart, mind, and body

Low level laser therapy, for pain- (packages available for purchase) Stimulates healing and reduces pain using photobiomodulation.

Our Diagnostic Imaging provided by Cypress Diagnostics:

Echocardiogram – An echocardiogram is a 30 to 45 minute diagnostic test that uses ultrasound waves to produce images of the heart muscle and heart’s valves.  An echo study looks at how blood flows through the heart chambers, heart valves, and blood vessels.  An echocardiogram allows visualization of cardiac structures, cardiac walls and the velocity of blood flow at certain points in the heart.

Carotid Duplex – A carotid duplex scan is an ultrasound test that shows how well blood is flowing through the carotid arteries.

CIMT – CIMT is a measurement of the intimal and medial layers of the carotid artery and provides a visual image of the plaque in the artery wall.  CIMT can detect an accelerated disease process, refine CVD risk, and can help optimize prevention measures.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) – An abdominal aortic aneurysm is a blood-filled bulge or ballooning of the abdominal aorta.  The AAA exam is a simple ultrasound screening to detect and measure if any aneurysms are present.  When detected early, AAA can be effectively managed to reduce risk.

(See our Cardiovascular Non-Invasive Early Detection Package – seven imaging tests at a reduced package price.)

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