Integrative Health and Medicine Learning Center at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

Integrative Health and Medicine Learning Center at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

Business Unit: HIMR.


I. Practice Transformation: From Conventional to Holistic, Integrative and Functional Medicine

Core Responsibility: Dr. Mimi Guarneri

Practice Transformation was developed by Dr. Mimi Guarneri to jumpstart your career transition from Conventional to Holistic, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Dr. Guarneri has been a leader in the Integrative Medicine movement since mid-1990’s when she co-created the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine with Rauni Prittinen King, RN. At that time Dr. Guarneri was an interventional cardiologist at Scripps Clinic and became a PI and a Medical Director for the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, multicenter Lifestyle Change Program.  Years later they created a Health and Healing Center called Pacific Pearl La Jolla which is home of the Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. an Interprofessional Holistic and Integrative Practice. Dr. Guarneri went on to create an Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM), in which she is serving as the president.   Dr. Guarneri served as a senior adviser for the Chambers Center for Well-Being in Morristown New Jersey and currently serves as a founding board member for specialty certification in Integrative Medicine by ABPS. For the last twenty years Dr. Guarneri has been devoted to educating physicians and other health care providers. Practice Transformation has grown out of the request by clinicians to change and expand their conventional medicine practice to one that is focused on Holistic, Integrative and Functional Medicine. In 2015 she was named #6 on the list of the Best Integrative Medicine doctors in USA by Newsmax, and also being the # 1 female doctor on the list.

Due to multiple request to shadow her and her colleagues at the “Pearl” the center is offering the following programs. There is a fee:

Practice Transformation Components:

  1. One-week clinical observation with Dr. Guarneri and her clinical staff at the Pacific Pearl La Jolla
  2. Meet with the Administrative and other team members for business development strategies during your in-house week
  3. New practice sample start up documents
  4. Access to the annual Bringing Integrative Medicine to Your Practice and Healthcare system workshop on-line or in person.
  5. Annual quarterly access to Dr. Guarneri for questions and answers via Skype
  6. Annual webinars with guest experts in legal, business and marketing aspects of practice development



II. Holistic Integrative Health and Medicine Training Center at Pacific Pearl La Jolla


The Pacific Pearl La Jolla Integrative Health and Medicine training center was established by Dr. Guarneri out of a growing request from providers to learn hands on clinical Integrative Health and Medicine. Practitioners will join Dr. Guarneri in her clinical practice and work with her and her team of providers to evaluate patients and develop personalized treatment protocols. Practitioners will have the opportunity to learn how to fully integrate nutrition, nutraceuticals and mind-body medicine into their practice. Practitioners will also have the opportunity to spend time with Naturopathic Doctors learning Naturopathic approaches to health. Practitioners will be encouraged to participate in classes at Pacific Pearl to enhance their own health and well-being.

Training Center Components. There are fees:

  1. One-week to one month rotation options
  2. One to one clinical experience with Dr. Guarneri
  3. Access to Pacific Pearl classes for personal growth such as yoga and vegetarian cooking school
  4. Development of Integrative Holistic treatment protocols for common diseases such as dyslipidemia, diabetes and hypertension



III.   Lifestyle Change Program and Educational Materials

Core Responsibility:  Executive Director: Rauni Prittinen King MIH, RN, HNB-BC, CHTPI

Dr. Guarneri and Rauni Prittinen King, RN are experts in Lifestyle Change Programs.  Together they pioneered the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, developed programs and provide consults on Integrative programs throughout the country, including the Greater Los Angeles VA healthcare system. Together they have created a turnkey lifestyle change program for centers interested in patient education to enhance and reverse most common health challenges. This 12-week program includes weekly patient education material, health assessment intake forms, power point presentations and 24 30-minute DVDs by Dr. Guarneri on disease prevention and health maintenance.

The fee includes all educational materials and 10 hours of consultation to assist with program implementation


For additional information and fees, please contact Pacific Pearl La Jolla:

Rauni Prittinen King, RN, Co-founder and Executive Director



Revised 1-2017

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