Pedi Mirdamadi ND, MS, RHN

Dr. Pedi Mirdamadi is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, and Holistic Nutritionist. 

After earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, where he did a double major in psychology and graduated with Honors, Dr. Pedi went on to receive a full scholarship from York University and earned his Master of Science in Kinesiology.

At his time in York, he conducted research in an exercise physiology and obesity lab where his research looking at “Secular trends in the relationship between caloric intake, macronutrient intake, carbohydrate intake, and physical activity with obesity” went on to be published in a major scientific journal.  

Dr. Pedi’s love for health and wellness led him to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where he learned to take a holistic view towards patient care and to use food as medicine, eventually earning him the designation of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN).

After practicing as a Nutritionist for 3 years, Dr. Pedi’s desire to help was not fulfilled as he wanted to offer more to his clients. This desire led him to Bastyr University California where he studied Naturopathic Medicine and went on to graduate as a Naturopathic Doctor.  In medical school, Dr. Pedi was one of the founding members of the AIHM Student Alliance, an integrative medicine community for students.  

While in medical school, Dr. Pedi also received training from leaders in functional medicine, the Institute of Functional Medicine, on topics including hormones, energy, immune system, cardiovascular health, digestion, and detox.

Upon graduated from Naturopathic Medical school Dr. Pedi was accepted to his top choice for residency and is now the Resident Doctor at Pacific Pearl La Jolla.  His areas of clinical expertise include digestive health, hormones, cardiovascular health, autoimmune disease, and weight loss.

Dr. Pedi is passionate about working with his patients to get to the root cause of their disease and educating them diet and lifestyle factors needed to achieve long term health.