The Education and Research Studio at Pacific Pearl La Jolla is our vibrant educational heart, offering local, national and global events. It is a versatile, fully-equipped learning center and TV studio in La Jolla, California, suitable for presenting and recording lectures, classes, webinars and other productions. Leading researchers, scientists, physicians, and luminaries in a wide range of fields come to the education and learning center for summits, retreats, interviews, meetings and special events. The Studio and learning center are at the heart of our mission to educate, heal people and change lives through advanced medicine and science and the wisdom of all global healing traditions.

The professional studio features a room that can seat up to 80 with portable chairs. It has three SONY PTZ cameras in the main space, including an audience reaction camera and an additional overhead camera for the kitchen cooktop. There is also a tripod for the Black Magic video camera for more intimate interviews. The adjacent kitchen can be opened for audience viewing access, and rotating cameras in the studio can shoot through the cut-away wall to capture the chef or nutritionist preparing dishes. Video and PowerPoint presentations can be shown on three screens, and a green screen is available for special effects. The flooring is sound-absorbing wood-look cork, and the attractive natural lighting can be controlled for darkness with light-blocking shades. The control room operates all cameras and screens; however a presenter can control a video or PowerPoint with a remote control clicker from a laptop or through a thumb drive provided to the control room.

The Studio is available for video production or as a rental without use of AV equipment for those seeking an intimate conference or meeting space.

Please contact Rauni Prittinen King for additional information about The Studio at Pacific Pearl La Jolla: 858-459-6919.

Integrative Health and Medicine Learning Center at Pacific Pearl La Jolla


I. Practice Transformation: From Conventional to Holistic, Integrative and Functional Medicine

II. Holistic Integrative Health and Medicine Training Center at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

III.   Lifestyle Change Program and Educational Materials

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