Imagine a place where state-of-the-art western medicine meets the best of global healing traditions. Where body, mind and spirit are treated as one, and there is a focus on education. A place where health is defined as more than the absence of disease, and where prevention is considered the best intervention.

Welcome to Pacific Pearl La Jolla and Guarneri Integrative Health. Here you will find a unique blend of conventional, integrative and naturopathic medicine practitioners devoted to your health and healing. Our studio and educational center, featuring lectures, retreats, classes, seminars and special events for local, national and international education, is dedicated to bringing you the science of health.



Maximize the health and healing potential of the lives we serve


To heal people and change lives through the wisdom of all global healing traditions.


We believe in a Universe of Wellness

…where health is enriched by knowledge and practice, both ancient and modern.

…where the most advanced medicine science and compassion meet body, mind,

emotions and spirit.

…where each of us is an aware, contributing member of our global community.

…where the ultimate goal is health, healing and peace for all.


The pearl is the product of pain and wound that has been healed. As we accept the challenges in our own lives, we will also be building a string of precious pearls. The shell of the oyster is pierced, and an alien substance or grain of sand slips inside.

On the entry of the foreign irritant all the resources within the sensitive oyster rush to that spot and begin to release healing fluids that otherwise would have remained dormant. And, as the irritant sand is continually converged upon by the fluids a pearl is made…
“Pearls to Remember” by Barbara S. McDonagh


At Pacific Pearl La Jolla, we utilize the most current advances of modern medicine combined with effective traditional therapies. We believe in care that is personalized, participatory and pro-active – and our prevention and treatment programs are as unique as you.

Our team is built of leaders in their fields with decades of experience. They also have the wisdom and resources to help you navigate the healthcare system with referrals to the best healthcare providers regionally and nationally.


 Here are some quotes from patient letters…

“I sing the praises of your office wherever I go. I continue to be amazed by the exceptional level of service and devotion from everyone on your staff. Amazing.”

“Thank you so much for all the care you’ve given to my Mom and me! Your encouragement that I pursue yoga and meditation for anxiety and depression has changed my life toward good health and serenity.”

“You put me on a path to both physical and emotional wellness. You showed me that I had a say in my future, and that together, the two of us could work against what I saw as my destiny…You empowered me!”

“I thought I just needed to lose weight! As of a result of my involvement, I have “become” a Healing Touch practitioner, a meditator, a vegetarian, and thankfully a much healthier and calmer person. Blessings to you.”

“Your integrative approach to my care has made so much sense… you lead people to be more productive and happier and healthier.”

“My family and I have just completed viewing ‘The Science of Natural Medicine,’  an exceptional lecture –one that should be required viewing by all. I commend you for providing us with such a wonderful way of looking at food and medicine — thank you!” (Dr. Guarneri’s DVD set – see Resources page)

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