Comprehensive Health Assessments

More than a medical appointment, a Comprehensive Health Assessment is your opportunity to embark on a journey of health transformation.  You will gain an understanding of the underlying causes of your health challenges and receive a personalized care plan – your roadmap to optimal health that addresses nutrition, sleep, hormone balance, physical strength and mind-body medicine.

This intensive appointment with two doctors includes an intake and physical exam, analysis of your lifestyle including diet, physical activity, sleep, and stress. Each appointment is tailored to your personal needs.

Plan on 90 minutes (we suggest allowing 2 hours) for your initial visit.  A follow up appointment is included where you will receive a written report summarizing our findings and mapping out your pathway to health over the next 3-12 months, including recommendations regarding the appropriateness of membership to our practice.

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What Does a Comprehensive Health Assessment Include?

  • Two-part appointment with two providers, Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor
  • Review of outside medical records and labs
  • Body composition analysis, EKG, central aortic pressure
  • Physical examination
  • Complimentary in-house phlebotomy (laboratory services)
  • Coordination of referrals and additional testing as appropriate
  • Personalized health risk assessment including lifestyle and mind-body factors
  • Individualized treatment plan which may include: Lifestyle change recommendations and teaching materials to help you put your plan into practice
  • Medication and supplement recommendations
  • Ordering and analysis of advanced lab testing or imaging including cardiac, genetic, microbiome, hormones, and others as appropriate
  • Written report with road map to achieve optimal health

Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Plan

These assessments are perfect for our out of town and local guests who wish to have the expertise of both a conventional Medical Doctor and a Naturopathic Doctor or a Functional Medicine Doctor. Your two-doctor team will provide conventional and natural medicine treatment options to prevent and reverse health challenges such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, inflammation, stress and depression. These assessments are a unique opportunity to have two doctor’s meet with you, hear your story and create a treatment plan that is the best of conventional and natural medicine.