Intensive Transformative Experience


What is an Intensive?

A life-altering experience where a team of health professionals support you in making a shift in your health and well-being over a concentrated period of time.


How does an Intensive work?

You identify a goal or a specific change you want to make in your health. Health includes mind, body, spirit and emotions. Your goal is personal to you. Maybe you want to improve your sleep, obtain your ideal body weight, have improved memory, improved energy or less stress. Your Pacific Pearl health practitioner identifies the initial services and practitioners who have the tools, resources and knowledge to guide you in this change.


How is an Intensive different from a membership?

The Intensive is a concentrated period of time where you focus and are aligned with your goal. You receive daily services and support to help you achieve your specific desire. If you are already a Pacific Pearl Member, following an Intensive, your membership continues to support you in maintaining these changes.


How long is an Intensive?

An Intensive program varies in length from 1 week to 3 months. We generally recommend that you spend at least 3 weeks with us. This allows you to feel comfortable with the team, make deep changes, and align your thoughts, emotions and actions to this new awareness.


What happens after the Intensive?

If you are traveling to La Jolla for your Intensive, a follow-up phone call is recommended when you return home. This provides support while you are transitioning and integrating new changes into your life. All Intensive participants seeking on-going care are encouraged to continue care with our team as Members of Pacific Pearl.


What happens if I am not a patient at the Pearl?

You schedule an MD/ND comprehensive health assessment with an Integrative Medical Doctor and a Naturopathic Doctor. During the comprehensive health assessment, a plan is made for further testing, including functional labs and imaging. An initial plan is created, including those resources most helpful to you in achieving your goal. Remember, the plan is personalized to you and your goals.