Patient Reviews

We are grateful to the patients who’ve been so generous in sharing their experiences with us and with prospective patients. You can find more testimonials and reviews of Pacific Pearl La Jolla on Facebook reviews, or our Google reviews.

Review for our Integrative Health Services:

Pacific Pearl is a blessing.  We are so lucky to have an opportunity to be part of Pacific Pearl.  These people have made our lives a joy of health and happiness!

– Judith Elovitz, La Jolla, CA


Top-class medical team that is patient-oriented. Always polite, professional, helpful, and ready to serve patient needs. This is rare in today’s medical practices and medical institutions. Long-term lifestyle treatment and care for the whole body, mind, and soul not just for an immediate need which is of course a priority when necessary. The patient is the focus, not time or money which rule the world of medicine today. Great follow-up and access to physicians 24/7 as needed.

– Kobi Sethna


Thank you Dr. Guarneri, MD for 20 years without a heart attack, stent, or any heart surgery while under your care.

– Dennis L. Jensen


I received personal service from one of the world’s top heart doctors. This is not found in the traditional doctor’s office. I truly believe they will help me live a long, healthy life.

– Peter G, New York, NY


I brag about you & recommend people connect with you & your team for the best medical care I have ever found!

– Dr. Brian Alman


I don’t feel like a patient but like a community member of spirited, happy, healthy doctors and their clients. To have instant accessibility to the best, caring, health professionals in integrative medicine is priceless. Pacific Pearl cannot be beat!

– Matt Willert


Dr Guarneri is the most competent, compassionate, integrated physician in the business. Each experience is positive and healing. The other doctors and staff are exceptionally present and ensure the best care.

– Carol Kearney,  Coronado, CA


Thank you to all the doctors and staff at Pacific pearl. They are great at everything they do. One of the best-kept secrets in North America.

– Tahereh Darafshian


I’ve been sick for many years, and have thus gone to countless doctors and ‘specialists.’ After meeting Dr. Fitzpatrick, I finally feel heard. She is the most intelligent doctor I have ever met in my whole life. I WILL recommend her endlessly.

– Angela Gerhardstein


Dr. Guarneri uses both cutting-edge conventional and ancient approaches, as well as natural treatments in a balanced way. The environment she and her staff has created at Pearl is very loving and relaxing.

– R. Singh, Escondido


“Dr. Guarneri and Dr. Mirdamadi:  The two of you have been instrumental in my weight loss and increased health. The digestion and inflammation piece was what made this weight loss for me different than any other in my life. Getting those two pieces in check helps so much!”

– Kathy  Cooper, San Diego, CA


I am the poster child for the great work of Dr. Guarneri and her team who helped nurse me back to full health in 2016-17. Personal touch, desire to intimately know your client, a team approach, cutting edge integrative functional medicine and, above all, the inspiration to empower clients to believe in themselves and their ability to heal from within.

– Brad Snyder,  Connecticut


Everything, from the welcoming atmosphere and immediate attention to the most professional integrative doctors in the world. Mimi and her staff have saved my life more than once and continue to increase the quality of my life!

– Pam Reed


So relieving to have doctors acknowledge spiritual and emotional wellness along with physical and mental. I am forever grateful for my experience with these doctors! I look forward to their spa services and kundalini classes!

– Karleigh Herman


Truly blessed to have been under this team’s care. Extremely thankful for Dr. Guarneri and her team of health care professionals who are extensively trained in integrative and holistic healing. You could not find a better clinic in North America and I have traveled from Canada. Thankful for the lasting friendships made during my stay.

– Jordan Stochmal


For the first time in many years I feel like I am in very good hands and that all my symptoms and test results are truly being considered and addressed under one roof.  I am more hopeful today than I have been in a long time that I will get to the bottom of my problems and build my health back up.

– Marika Marton


Drs Mirdamadi and Guarneri were kind, thorough, and compassionate which left me feeling both enlightened and hopeful about my medical condition.

– Debra Jones