Custom IV Therapy in La Jolla

IV vitamin and mineral infusions provide high quality nutrients intravenously allowing for higher doses of nutrients with optimal absorption.

Free of unnecessary additives, binders, or fillers, IV therapy gets custom nutrition to you quickly. When you choose doctor-formulated and orchestrated IV therapy in La Jolla, you know you’re getting the healing and immune support you need safely.

Our doctors mix your intravenous formula to match your issues and possible deficiencies. Taking a micronutrient test before getting IV therapy provides clear information on where you may be deficient. The blood test isn’t mandatory, however.



Healing can be limited by deficiencies in key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Conditions such as leaky gut, celiac disease, chronic fatigue or simply a poor diet can contribute to micronutrient deficiencies. Individuals recovering from surgery, fighting cancer, infections, or other health challenges have an increased need for micronutrients as tissues heal and repair.       

Boost Your nutrition beyond food and supplements. Some of our Signature Formulas include:

Tissue Repair & Healing –  RECOVER & REPAIR! Improve recovery from surgery, sports injuries, or simply from “over-doing it.” Vitamin C, amino acids, and other nutrients to help you prepare for surgery and heal more quickly.

Adrenal Support – SHORT ON SLEEP? STRESS OVERLOAD? B Vitamins, trace minerals and aminos to target stress and adrenal fatigue. Sometimes after illness, extreme stress, or chronic disease, ‘adrenal fatigue’ sets in. When sleep isn’t enough, consider supporting your adrenals (& reclaiming your energy) with this infusion.

Immune Support – TRAVEL PLANS & IMMUNE BOOST! Provides vitamin C, zinc to fight viruses and infections. Higher dose 75-minute or mini-dose 20-minute options. Support your body’s immune response. Perfect prior to travel.

Basic Nutrient Repletion – REVITALIZE & ENHANCE VITAMIN ABSORPTION! A weekly alternative to your daily multivitamin with direct delivery at a cellular level – without loss of potency that can be found in tablets or capsules. For healing as well as maintaining your wellness.

Weight Loss Support – BOOST METABOLISM & HELP BURN FAT! Chromium, B vitamins, and lipotrophic factors boost basal metabolic rate and help burn fat. Enhance your body’s response to conscious eating and exercise.

Leaky Gut Support – REPAIR & HEAL YOUR GUT!  Full recovery requires that you have sufficient micronutrients on board to heal and repair. Yet, by definition, intestinal permeability means your ability to absorb adequate nutrition from food and oral supplements is less than optimal. IV infusions bypass the gut, allowing for direct delivery at a cellular level.

Mitochondrial Support – CELLULAR ENERGY SUPPORT & FIGHT FREE RADICALS!  Glutathione and mineral co-factors support healthy cellular energy production. Mitochondria play a pivotal role in our longevity and quality of life, including our response to free radicals.

NAD Brain Support* – A LINCHPIN OF ENERGY METABOLISM FOR BRAIN & BODY!  Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and co-factor nutrients support mood, cognitive, neurological health and addiction recovery. NAD+ works rapidly to repair cells throughout the body and neurons in the brain.  NAD+ is key in mitochondrial function, and NAD+ levels decline as we age.

Our doctors carefully personalize your micronutrient formulation to get results specific to your clinical needs.  Typical plans involve 4 to 6 weekly 75-minute infusions, then as needed.