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Our Mission: Healing people and transforming lives through education, health and research. Miraglo Foundation, a  nonprofit 501(c)(3),  was founded in 2011 by Mimi Guarneri, MD and Rauni Prittinen King, RN.



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Our goal is to maximize your health and healing potential. Transform your health at our premier Integrative Medicine clinical practice and wellness center where state-of-the-art conventional medicine meets the best of global healing traditions. Our interdisciplinary team of experts in conventional, integrative and natural medicine provides care that is personalized, participatory and pro-active.

VIDEO:  Dr. Mimi Guarneri’s Introduction to Our Center 


HIMR supports integrative education and research, consulting, our Wellness Shop, Studio and more. The Studio is a versatile, fully-equipped video  studio and learning center for lectures, classes, webinars, rental  and more.


Co-Founder, Pacific Pearl

World-renowned Integrative Cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM, is ranked as the number one female physician by Newsmax Health’s Top 100 Physicians Who Embrace Integrative Medicine. She leads her team of experts at Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. at Pacific Pearl La Jolla in California –the premier center combining state-of-the-art conventional, integrative and natural medicine where clinical care is patient-centered, proactive and focused on the whole person. Board-certified in cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, nuclear cardiology and integrative holistic medicine, Dr. Guarneri is deeply committed to expand integrative medicine, education and research globally. She is President of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and is Past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. She currently serves on the Founding Board of the American Board of Physician Specialties in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Guarneri is co-founder and medical director of Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. at Pacific Pearl La Jolla. She served as Senior Advisor to the Atlantic Health System Chambers  Center for Well Being, one of several healthcare systems she has advised for developing Integrative Medicine centers. She co-founded Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and served as Medical Director for 15 years. Her medical degree is from SUNY Medical Center in New York, where she graduated number one in her class. Dr. Guarneri served her internship and residency at Cornell Medical Center, where she later became chief medical resident, and then cardiology fellowships at both New York University Medical Center and Scripps Clinic.




For Pacific Pearl members and guests we provide many additional services to enhance your health… comprehensive assessments in cardiovascular disease and integrative cardiac care, women’s health, naturopathic medicine, neurology, pain management, acupuncture, massage, mind-body therapy, hypnotherapy, lifestyle change, facial and spa services and many more. Notice of privacy practices link



Where your visit can encompass healthcare, wellness and a spectacular vacation at a world-class destination. Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. at Pacific Pearl La Jolla is located on La Jolla Boulevard at Nautilus Street, just one block from WindanSea Beach on the Pacific Ocean. We are down the road from La Jolla’s boutiques and restaurants on Prospect Street and a few minutes from Torrey Pines Golf Course. Learn more about our signature Destination Health(sm) “lifestyle change” program and week-long retreats. You can also book luxurious bodywork and massage packages, custom facials, acupuncture, healing touch and hypnosis to enhance your wellbeing and relaxation.




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Our vibrant worldwide community of professionals bring learning opportunities to Pacific Pearl La Jolla that may be designed for access in person or online.  Events are listed in our Calendar. Throughout the year, these events may range from Healing Touch trainings and nutritional cooking classes to physician workshops or an international Biofield Conference.  Our free lectures held in our studio at Pacific Pearl La Jolla combine with other on-site workshops, retreats, conferences and classes for a wide range of educational offerings.  In addition to events, you may freely access a large list of educational videos through our Innovative Education page that are presented by Dr. Mimi Guarneri and other leaders in healthcare, including experts on staff at Pacific Pearl La Jolla. See our Education Directory.



Pacific Pearl La Jolla offers ways to better understand about prevention, wellness, treatments, and how lifestyle and wise guidance through the healthcare system can maximize your health and healing potential. In our lives, we toggle between the comfort of familiar choices and feeling the limitations of those precepts. From on-site visits with our experts to self-exploration through books, DVDs, lectures, videos, classes and workshops, we strive to provide the education and resources to expand and enhance your comfort and knowledge in health and wellness-related decisions.


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Dr. Mimi Guarneri Addresses Vatican Meeting for Climate Change, Nov. 2017

Dr. Mimi Guarneri Addresses Vatican Meeting for Climate Change, Nov. 2017

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Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility – Day 2, Vatican Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS) 3-day workshop --Dr. Mimi Guarneri begins at 6:07:10 on video. PAS Declaration attached. (VIDEO, below) Dr. Mimi Guarneri presented at this invitation-only international meeting on climate change with Nobel laureates, epidemiologists, clinicians, leading climate researchers and the WHO that convened at the Vatican under his Holiness Pope Francis to discuss urgently needed solutions to the impact of climate change on planetary and human health.  Miraglo Foundation, co-founded by Dr. Guarneri and Rauni Prittinen King, RN,  was a workshop sponsor. The PAS Declaration is…


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VIDEO: Dr. Mimi Guarneri Interviews Dr. Walter Cohen, Osteopathic Physician at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

VIDEO: Dr. Mimi Guarneri Interviews Dr. Walter Cohen, Osteopathic Physician at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

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  Dr. Guarneri interviews new Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. team member Dr. Walter Cohen ---Link to watch.  AND, you are invited to Dr. Walter Cohen's presentation: Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Pain, Health & Healing, on March 26, 2018 6:30-7:30 PM at Pacific Pearl La Jolla. RSVP: 858-459-6919... The Potential of Osteopathic Medicine... The body naturally wants to return to health. Learn about some of body’s mechanisms to accomplish this, as we explore the “map of health” first laid down in human embryology and available to all of us throughout our lives.  Too often patients fail to get better from a wide range of ailments because their bodies have drifted off this map and are therefore unable to access the resources for their own health and healing.  Introducing this map of health, Dr. Cohen, an osteopathic physician, will explain how it guides his work in improving the body’s ability to function using manual “hands-on” medicine, an effective alternative to pharmacology.  Osteopathy treats causes rather than managing symptoms. It provides an essential foundation for other therapies to work better, including drugs.  While osteopathic medicine is frequently utilized to treat neck and back pain--two of the most common chronic pain issues--Dr. Cohen will explain how osteopathy can be used to treat every system of the body to effect changes, including the cardiac system, GI system and respiratory system, supporting and encouraging self-healing.....   Dr. Cohen is an osteopathic physician, who like MDs, completed four years of rigorous medical training, passed multiple board exams and then went through the same multi-year residency programs as MDs.  Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) have a full medical license and are able to diagnose, prescribe drugs, perform surgeries and are active in all specialties of medicine.  A select few choose to specialize in the origins of the osteopathic profession, utilizing their hands to change anatomy and affect disease outcome. Medicine is increasingly realizing the limitations of symptom-based pharmacological management--and much of what is offered at Pacific Pearl La Jolla supports your body’s native ability to return to health, rather than managing symptoms. You’re invited to learn more about how your body already has laid the foundation for you to accomplish this.   ...Link For More About Dr. Walter Cohen (Live links at READ MORE, below) ...To Book and Appointment: Contact Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. for an appointment with Dr. Cohen: 858-459-6919. Office - Pacific Pearl La Jolla, 6919 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92037    


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