Chiropractor Treatment San Diego

Chiropractor Treatment San Diego

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Chiropractor Treatment San Diego

Pacific Pearl La Jolla Chiropractor

Pacific Pearl La Jolla continues our mission to provide world class healthcare through Integrative Medicine. With the addition of Jeffrey Mersky, DC, to our staff, we are pleased to add chiropractor treatment San Diego to the vast number of services we offer. Read More on Dr. Jeffrey Mersky here.


Chiropractic Treatments

In Dr. Merksy’s words, the Chiropractic approach is about focusing on the Neurological health of the body more so than the Musculoskeletal System. His work aims to relieve the pain and/or complications affecting the nervous system. Typically, chiropractic treatment involves “high-velocity thrusts.” where cracking and aggressive maneuvers are used to adjust the spine. This is not the approach Dr. Mersky takes. “When people think of Chiropractors, they think we are bone doctors, when in reality we are nerve doctors” – Dr. Mersky.


Common Areas Treated

There is a list of areas that Dr. Jeffrey Mersky often treats in his work, the regions typically involving chronic pain are:

· Neck
· Mid/Lower Back
· Extremities (Hands and Feet)
· Knees
· Hips
· Head (headache, vision changes, tinnitus, swallowing problems)


Head Injuries

In his 40 years of work, one of Dr. Mersky’s specialties lies in working from the head down on patients. Often, the source of the pain is overlooked in traditional chiropractic treatments, being that the neck and shoulders harbor a vast amount of the nervous system, not just the brain.


Cranial Manipulation

When it comes to working specifically on the skull, Dr. Mersky notes, “I find it essential to balance the rest of the skeletal system,” being that Cranial Manipulation techniques are a big portion of his chiropractic treatments.


Dr. Mersky’s Chiropractic Approach

When being treated by Dr. Mersky, the most apparent difference between his methods and conventional chiropractic treatments is patience. Typical chiropractor approaches are fast-paced, often lasting as little as 15 minutes. With Dr. Mersky’s approach, patients often are treated for an hour.

The reason for a slower treatment approach is that patients who need to see a chiro are often in some pain. Due to this pain, the body’s nerves are firing, like a fight or flight response, and this needs to be addressed slowly rather than forcefully. Before actual chiropractic adjustments can be made, the body needs to be in a more relaxed state.


Start a Consultation

If you deal with pain in any of the areas mentioned above, come see us at Pacific Pearl La Jolla. Dr. Mersky and our highly
skilled staff are here to help with any pain you might be experiencing.



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