Custom Body and Breathwork Services La Jolla

Custom Bodywork and Breathwork Services in La Jolla

Custom Bodywork

In an hour-long session, The Pearl’s certified breath and bodyworker Linda Vazin gently takes your hips, shoulders, and spine through the essential ranges of motion of the joints. She uses stretching and bodywork to release muscle locks that cause pain and limitations in movement. While she works with professional athletes and weekend warriors, she also serves anyone looking to improve their movement, balance, coordination, and physical comfort. Both sedentary work and regular sports activity can cause muscles to become very tight, pulling the body out of alignment. A bodywork session helps loosen muscles, reducing stiffness and soreness. Still, muscles have memory, so continuing daily stretches helps keep you limber and pain-free. So that you can continue feeling your best, Linda sends you home with 15 recommended stretches to do on your own.

“The key difference with Linda’s method is her unique combination of exercises and stretches which align, strengthen, and balance the body. Thanks to working with Linda, I can comfortably engage in sports which used to complicate my condition. Working with Linda has changed my life.” 

– Jerry Rudick, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Custom Breathwork

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While most believe that everyone breathes in the same way, in truth, our life experiences can spark either positive or negative breathing patterns. The heartbroken, anxious, and ungrounded tend to breathe in a very shallow manner. Constrained breathing can compound anxiety and mood disorders; it can even lead to medical issues.

Linda Vazin’s first breathwork session helps you learn about your unique breath pattern and how it affects your life. During this session, Linda will evaluate your breath pattern and use various techniques to get you breathing deeply using the correct muscle groups. She will also introduce 3 different breath modalities, each with powerful benefits.

“I was suffering from profound grief due to a broken relationship. I had tried to think of everything I could to release the negativity, but I still carried around a very real pain and grief. I did a few transformation breath coaching sessions with Linda and an amazing thing happened: the pain and suffering stored in my body was gone. I have been able to create a new life for myself that is joyful and sweet.”

  • Frank Fernicola,  Real Estate Entrepreneur

Benefits of breathwork include:


  • Clients learn to breathe more openly and efficiently
  • With 70% more oxygen, clients enjoy more energy
  • Detoxification
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion, immune system
  • Better health


  • Mental clarity
  • Integration of suppressed emotions and trauma that are stored in the subconscious
  • Less stress, depression, anxiety


  • Connections to others
  • Deepen self-love and self-acceptance


Change your Breath, Change your Life 5-Week Coaching Program

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Linda Vazin’s bio covers her incredible background 

In this five-week individual breath- and life-coaching program, Linda helps you discover patterns that keep you from being happy and fulfilled. Despite our determination to pick a better partner, job, or approach “the next time,” we often find ourselves repeating the same mistakes. We understand these patterns on a mental level, but they are also imprinted on a cellular level.  By combining coaching and breathwork, Linda guides you into recognizing your patterns and changing them on a cellular level.

In this course, by using breath and movement, we align the body with the mind. While talk therapy and medications can play important roles in happiness and health, incorporating breath and movement to release stuck emotions on a physical level has powerful effects as well. By forging connections between the mental and physical spheres, change can become effortless and permanent.

Each session consists of 45-60 minutes of coaching and sharing insights, and 1 hour of breathwork, movement, and sound healing. During the week, participants continue their healing journey with mindful living and journaling.

More Testimonials About Body and Breathwork Therapist Linda Vazin, CTBF

“I’ve been so fortunate to find Linda. I went to Linda to relieve my chronic back pain. I suffer from mild scoliosis and osteoarthritis. Linda suggested a simple stretching routine at home. The results have been remarkable for me.”  – Robert Schultz, Real Estate Entrepreneur

After suffering for weeks of agonizing lower back pain, I reluctantly signed up with Linda. I didn’t have to wait long to reap the benefits of the stretches Linda showed me. I was just shocked at how quickly my back pain disappeared with a few simple stretches and I was able to go back to my job as a caterer.”    – Laleh, Sotoohi, Founder, Green Twist Catering