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More than a medical appointment, our Comprehensive Wellness Assessments are an opportunity to have medical and holistic aspects of your health evaluated. You will gain an understanding of the underlying causes of your condition and receive a personalized Care Plan – a road map of what you need to achieve optimal health.

Comprehensive Wellness Assessments take place over the period of a few weeks, centered around an intensive appointment with two doctors. Comprehensive Wellness Assessments include specialized testing, personalized nutrition, supplement & medication review and prescriptions, fitness guidance, and mind-body health. Each experience is tailored to your personal needs.

What Does a Comprehensive Wellness Assessment Include?

  • Review of outside medical records and labs
  • Review of medications and supplements
  • Comprehensive, individualized lab work-up
  • Personalized health risk assessment questionnaires including lifestyle and mind-body factors
  • Complete analysis of all blood work, additional testing, diet and mind-body questionnaires
  • Face time with two doctors during an unrushed holistic visit
  • Physical examination including advanced in-office testing as appropriate
  • A personalized Care Plan – a written report summarizing our findings and mapping out your pathway to health over the next 3-12 months
  • Medication/supplement review for optimal dosing, potential interactions
  • Recommendations regarding vitamins and supplements tailored to personalized needs & physiology
  • Lifestyle change recommendations and teaching materials to help you put it into practice

Comprehensive 2-Doctor Assessment and Treatment Plan

These assessments are perfect for our out of town guests and individuals who wish to have the expertise of both conventional and Naturopathic Doctors. Our 2-doctor teams will provide conventional and natural medicine treatment options to prevent and reverse health challenges such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, inflammation, stress and depression. These assessments are a unique opportunity to have two doctor’s meet with you, hear your story and create a treatment plan that is the best of conventional and natural medicine.

Comprehensive Women’s Health Assessment

Our comprehensive women’s health assessment focuses on women’s reproductive health and well-being from adolescence to post-menopause. Our team will attend to health women’s issues from contraception to fertility to post-menopausal symptoms. We help women find balance, naturally. We provide a safe environment for education, counseling, nutrition and addressing the unique concerns of all women from adolescence to post menopause. Comprehensive assessments are personalized and may include:

  • Blood and saliva tests of hormones and body chemistry
  • Bone densitometry measurement
  • Full physical exam including body composition testing  and basal metabolic rate
  • Pelvic exam with gentle pap if indicated
  • Discussion of all natural and conventional treatment options including lifestyle management (nutrition, exercise, stress management skills), vitamins and herbal medicine and bio-identical hormones.

Comprehensive Holistic Mental Health Assessment

We offer a humanistic, comprehensive treatment approach to emotional and physical health and well-being. Holistic Mental Health supports the self-healing process through the power of relationship and the ability to change your beliefs and emotional state. A comprehensive assessment includes identifying the development of the mental/emotional/spiritual challenge, neurotransmitter deficiencies, brain nutrition and lifestyle choices (such as exercise, sleep, nutrition, addictions, and environmental exposure). Our approach includes lifestyle prescriptions and support, mind-body techniques such as transpersonal and neuro-hypnotherapy, mindfulness, stress management tools, breath work, meditation techniques, guided imagery and emotional transformation therapy. Emotional Transformation Therapy (Lightbox) is a form of energy medicine using light, color and peripheral eye stimulation to change old stuck emotions, thoughts, behaviors or states of pain to a healthier, desirable, more empowered experience. Our Naturopathic Psychologist is an expert in both supplement and herbal support to treat depression, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety while journeying to find balance.  Conventional medications are an option during this healing process and we seek to discover with you the lowest effective dose for your unique situation.

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Assessment

This assessment is perfect for our out of town guests and those individuals who wish to retain their primary cardiologist yet seek Dr. Guarneri’s expertise in Preventive and Integrative Cardiology.

  • In-depth Cardiovascular Risk Assessment with Dr. Guarneri
  • Medical Practice’ proprietary health assessment questionnaires leading to a personalized health profile assessment with recommendations and individualized teaching materials
  • In-depth personalized cardiovascular risk reduction program created by Dr. Guarneri
  • Complete analysis of all blood work including advanced lipid testing , 3-day food diary, functional medicine testing and mind-body questionnaires
  • Complete review and analysis of all cardiovascular testing
  • Physical examination including body composition analysis, basal metabolic rate, and endothelial function
  • Comprehensive medication/supplement review for optimal dosing, potential interactions, side effect assessment and alternative options. Full discussion on conventional and natural treatment to prevent and treat all cardiovascular risk such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, stress, depression etc.

Naturopathic Health Consultation

For people seeking natural and holistic alternatives, we offer comprehensive natural health consultations. We specialize in “conundrums” and undiagnosed symptoms, second opinions, and alternatives to drugs and surgeries. Our approach focuses on your health and life goals; we work with you to find answers, help your understand your health, and make informed choices about treatment options (both natural and conventional).  Our comprehensive assessments include:

  • Medical Practice’ proprietary health assessment questionnaires
  • Complete analysis of all blood work, additional testing, food diary and mind-body questionnaires
  • Physical examination including body composition, ankle-brachial index, endothelial function and muscular skeletal analysis
  • Personalized health assessment and diagnosis
  • Full discussion on conventional and natural treatments to prevent and treat disease
  • Suggestions on integrative preventative care and wellness planning options including botanical and mind-body medicine.
  • Comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your health goals
  • Specific recommendations regarding vitamins and supplements tailored to personalized needs
  • Mind-Body techniques and recommendations to decrease stress and enhance resiliency
  • Health education materials

Our naturopathic doctors will communicate with your other healthcare providers all results and recommendations (if desired)

Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland drives metabolism and so much more.  Accurate assessment and diagnosis are at the heart of our approach. Treatment options are individualized and range from nutrition to pharmaceutical interventions.

  • Comprehensive evaluation (beyond TSH)
  • Auto-immune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s, Grave’s)
  • Perinatal thyroiditis
  • Sub-acute thyroiditis
  • Evaluation & management of nodules, including thyroid cancer
  • Biopsies including AFIRMA testing and genetic markerS
  • Second opinions on thyroid ablations, “normal” labs, and surgery

Environmental Exposure And Medical Detoxification

Modern life places us at risk for exposure to chemicals, metals, and other substances known to negatively affect health.  Before embarking on a “detox” it is critical to measure the body burden of toxicants, and the body’s ability to metabolize toxins.  Once known, an individualized medical detoxicification program is designed using evidence-based methods to ensure safe and effective treatment.

  • Environmental exposure assessment questionnaire
  • Individualized recommendations on lab testing for metals, chemicals, and organ function (billed to insurance)
  • Physical examination including body composition, basal metabolic rate, signs of toxin’s effects
  • Individualized medical detoxification plan including recommended supplements and nutrition recommendations to optimize toxin clearance and to support the body’s own detoxification pathways
  • Chelation, if indicated
  • Sauna, if indicated
  • IV therapy, if indicated

Repeat lab testing to monitor progress and organ function (billed to insurance)