linda vazin breath and bodywork at pacific pearl la jolla integrative medicine




  • Certified Massage, Breathwork and Bodywork Therapist, Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. at The Pacific Pearl La Jolla
  • Transformational Breath Facilitator 2015
  • Flexibility Trainer Navy SEALS 2013
  • Certified Life Coach 2008
  • Pilates Certified 2002
  • Ayurvedic Massage 1996
  • Yoga Certified 1995
  • Masters in Exercise Physiology 1989
  • Massage Certified since 1985

The Body Is a Healing Machine: Mimi Guarneri MD & Therapist Linda Vazin Discuss Body and Breathwork

Linda Vazin, CTBF is a certified massage, body- and breathwork therapist, as well as a life coach and breath facilitator. She has spent 30 years in the health and wellness fields. Her patients rave about the pain and stress reduction they achieve with her.

Linda’s work has taught her that the combination of breath, deep tissue fascia massage and physical activity (body/yoga) can break up and release physical and emotional issues held in the body for years, even decades. At the Pacific Pearl, she uses these breath and body modalities to guide patients to release stored blockages that interfere with the ease in movement, sound sleep, mental and emotional peace that–together–result in true fulfillment. She is excited to bring her services to Pacific Pearl patients looking to optimize their overall health, medical care, and outcomes.

Linda initially earned an undergraduate degree in computer science. After working as a computer programmer for one year, she knew a sedentary career in front of a glowing screen was not for her. Her fascination with the body got her back in college, and by 1989, she had earned her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from San Diego State University. During her graduate studies, she was also hard at work learning different massage styles. She obtained her initial massage certificate from the IPBS Massage Therapy and a sports massage certificate from The Massage School in Encinitas. She also received extensive training in oriental massage at the Oriental School of Medicine in San Diego. Ten years later, she earned her certification in Ayurvedic massage from the Deepak Chopra Center in La Costa.

Always seeking new ways to serve her clients, Linda spent the late 1990s and early 2000s exploring yoga instruction. She trained with renowned teachers like Roger Cole, Shakta Khalsa, Judith Laster, and Shiva Rae.

Despite the incredible transformations her bodywork clients experienced, Linda’s years of work with Olympic athletes, Navy SEALs, and private clients revealed that physical pain so often manifests from emotional trauma. This realization led her to earn a life coaching certificate from JFK University. To add another powerful dimension to client well-being, she also became a Transformational Breath facilitator and trainer. Linda works closely with Pacific Pearl La Jolla practitioners to develop comprehensive health plans so patients can enjoy improved health, energy, sleep, movement, and mood.