Here at the Pacific Pearl La Jolla, we believe:

  • true healing requires a genuine, long-term partnership between doctor and patient
  • your provider should integrate all of the best tools from conventional, holistic, and natural medicine
  • optimal health is a result of the synergy of body, mind, and spirit
  • medical decisions should be based upon your needs and preferences
  • your provider must expertly navigate the healthcare system

Services are typically reimbursed by many HSA, FSA, and many healthcare insurance accounts.

“When I saw John in Recovery, we agreed that your Concierge Service is worth every penny. I told him that as far as I’m concerned, just this one experience would make it so beyond ‘worth the money’ …for the rest of his life!!!”

  • Member since March 2016


Let our team of experts in conventional, integrative, and natural medicine guide, coach and mentor you towards achievement of total health and wellness.

We will quarterback for you no matter where you are in the world – helping you to navigate the healthcare system with our extensive network of world-renowned specialists and incredible resources right here at Pacific Pearl La Jolla. More than internal medical care, your membership team provides you with the best of integrative and conventional, state-of-the-art care.

Our Pacific Pearl La Jolla VIP Membership is ideal for world travelers, as well as those living closer to our center.

Our 24/7 membership access means your team is available for assistance regardless of your location.  Calls for the best care are made internationally to ensure you have appropriate care while away from home. We handle all medical conditions for members and work effectively with all healthcare systems, so regardless of your affiliation or other health care providers, we can help you manage the system and provide the guidance for optimal health and healing outcomes.

VIP Membership includes your office consultations and communication with your team of doctors for the year.  Receive prioritized access to your health and medicine experts.  VIP members are provided with their team doctors’ cell phone numbers and emails.  VIP members receive 10% off purchases from our wellness shop.  Enjoy expedited scheduling, plus no charge for in-house phlebotomy and patient electronic health portal.

VIP Membership provides peace of mind that your Guarneri Integrative Health team will champion for you no matter where you are located regarding your health and wellness.  Services at Pacific Pearl La Jolla, such as Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Healing Touch and others, outside of your membership team are available to VIP members for standard fees for service.

  • Phone, text, and email access to your team
  • Expedited and priority scheduling
  • Complimentary access to your medical record from anywhere in the world
  • Healthcare navigation to specialists locally & nationally
  • Health education materials
  • Complimentary in-house phlebotomy
  • Discounted wellness shop products
  • Valet parking

The number of VIP Memberships is limited in our clinical practice. Dr. Mimi Guarneri, board-certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, oversees all VIP Membership. The VIP membership team includes specialists personally selected by Dr. Guarneri to provide Internal Medicine and Naturopathic Doctor care.  If you are interested in VIP Membership, then following your initial consultation or comprehensive wellness assessment, a decision will be made regarding your on-going care and if VIP Membership is right for you.


There are many ways to become a client of Guarneri Integrative Health. We welcome guests to enjoy many of our healing services, such as healing touch, acupuncture, health coaching, facials and massage. You may call for an appointment. However, if you have a health challenge, we recommend that you start your journey with a comprehensive wellness assessment or initial consultation. After your comprehensive assessment or initial consultation your care provider will discuss the best options for your continued journey to health.  See our Meet the Team page.

Dr. Mimi Guarneri only sees VIP members and provides initial comprehensive wellness assessments and second opinions.


All appointments require 48 hours of weekday notice to cancel or the full fee will be charged. Phone messages, emails or calls after 5 PM on Fridays and through the weekend, or on the eve of a major holiday with an office closure,  do not count as part of the 48-hour notice. Cancellations need to go through our front desk appointment team at 858-459-6919.