Clinical Services & Wellness Packages

moira-tub-263x252Let us customize your wellness care to best suit your specific needs and goals. We offer several established packages from which to choose, and our doctors and practitioners can create unique plans to enhance your wellbeing. Health transformation packages are available for chronic pain and arthritis recovery; healing from the inside out; immune enhancement; medically supervised detoxification; pre- and post-surgery healing; weight transformation and lifestyle change. Contact us to for an appointment to discuss these packages and your customized wellness care.

Cleanse and Purify Mind and Body

  • 21 Day Nutrition Program that includes an elimination diet, whole organic hypoallergenic foods plus a protein powder with nutrients to support digestion and the liver. Following the elimination phase, you will receive support and instruction on how to challenge foods to determine food sensitivities, plus instruction on how to transition to a long term healthy lifestyle.
  • 6 infrared sauna treatments
  • 2 mind-body sessions to identify and remove beliefs in the way of achieving your health goals
  • 2 nutritional counseling sessions to guide you in developing an individualized food plan. This includes supplemental support for your digestive system with a focus on gut healing, reducing inflammation and restoring immune function.
  • 2 IV micronutrient infusions at the beginning of the program and 1 infusion at midpoint

Description: A cleanse is a means to detoxify and purify your body and mind in preparation to begin a new food program as the foundation of health. The goal is to remove allergenic foods and to increase the body’s ability to neutralize and remove toxins. This program includes detoxifying your mind of the thoughts and beliefs contributing to unhealthy habits. This comprehensive detoxification program is a reset button opening a new way to tending the garden of your life.

Immune Enhancement

  • 6 Constitutional Hydrotherapy sessions
  • 2 Peat Baths
  • 2 Nutritional counseling sessions to introduce an anti-inflammatory approach to eating, which will become for you a way of life. You will receive recommendations of nutraceutical support for your unique situation.
  • 2 mind-body sessions to engage your relaxation system and turn off the hormones causing the detrimental health effects of stress. Teach and empower you to take charge of the stress in your life and improve self-care.
  • 2 IV micronutrient infusions at the beginning and 1 infusion at midpoint

Description: The goal of Immune enhancement is to support a healthier, more balanced immune system. We will begin with food as medicine and teach you about an anti-inflammatory food program. Constitutional hydrotherapy, which is the therapeutic use of hot and cold water has been found to enhance the immune system, improve circulation, promote detoxification and increase the vitality of the body. Peat baths stimulate the immune system and metabolism, as well as enhance relaxation. Understanding the stress connection and improving self care round out the balance needed to support a healthy immune system.

Thermogenic-Supported Weight Loss

  • 1 Session to Identify your weight loss goals through a body composition assessment and state of your health
  • 3 nutritional sessions to create a food program that becomes a way of life and is anti-inflammatory, increases energy and prevents disease. This includes an assessment of underlying causes of being overweight.
  • 1 session to create an exercise-movement program that is safe, inspirational and motivates you.
  • 8 Infrared Sauna Treatments to increase circulation, heart rate and burn calories
  • 2 mind-body sessions to learn mindfulness, eliminate beliefs in the way of achieving your health goals and both accepting your body and loving yourself while you lose weight.
  • Weekly micronutrient injections
  • Monthly check-in until weight loss goals are reached

Description: This comprehensive program supports you in all aspects of healthy eating. You will discover the underlying causes of your cravings, become mindful while eating, attuned to your body, enhance the flavors you experience and enjoy the wellbeing of exercise and relaxation. Medical barriers to weight loss include gut flora imbalances, growth hormone deficiencies, neurotransmitter imbalances and these can be identified and eliminated ensuring your weight loss is successful.

Chronic Pain and Arthritis Recovery

  • 1 session for a complete Musculoskeletal Assessment and exercise prescription program
  • 6 Peat or Herbal Baths or Medicinal Peat Peloids
  • 6 Infrared Saunas
  • 2 Nutritional counseling sessions to create an anti-inflammatory diet with nutraceutical anti-inflammatory and analgesic support
  • 2 IV Micronutrient infusions at the beginning and 1 infusion at midpoint

Description: A comprehensive program for individuals suffering with arthritis and pain that includes a supplemented anti-inflammatory food program with an individualized exercise regimen that evolves with increased range of motion and wellbeing. Peat baths have been utilized throughout the world for rheumatic disease, osteoarthritis and pain. Peat peloids are packs used for more concentrated treatments of a particular area. Infrared saunas warm and loosen the joints allowing for greater mobility and increased quality of life.

Healing from the Inside Out

  • Healing Touch
  • Hypnosis
  • Aromatherapy
  • BioMat Restoration

Description: Healing Touch is a hands on healing therapy that balances the human energy system. This relaxing therapy promotes health and healing. It is useful for pre and post procedure or surgery. It is found to decrease stress, pain and anxiety as well as symptoms of PTSD.

Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery for Enhanced Healing

  • 1 Session to discuss the upcoming surgery and provide a 10 to 30 day pre-surgery protocol and a 6 week post surgery protocol with dietary recommendations that support the type of surgery being received.
  • 1 Hypnotherapy session to create the state for an optimal outcome and maximal benefit
  • 1 IV micronutrient infusion before surgery and 1 IV micronutrient infusion after surgery
  • 1 post surgery and treatment follow up session

Description: Mind and body preparation for surgery enhances the time of healing and comfort during recovery. The supplementation used enhances the immune system and decreases the risk of infection. Homeopathy or flower essences are an energetic medicine that supports the natural innate healing of the mind-body. Hypnotherapy provides a medium to intend and visualize the surgery experience you desire and its outcome.

The Healing Retreat

  • Foot treatment
  • Sauna
  • 60 minute massage
  • 2 hours

Description: Heal and revive with this restorative retreat designed to stimulate internal organ function with vital flex point therapy on the feet, cleanse and detoxify in the sauna and finally flush the lymphatic and completely rejuvenate with a full body custom massage.


The Healing Submerge

  • Foot treatment
  • Herbal Bath
  • 60 minute massage
  • 2 hours

Description: Let yourself release with this healing submerge of the feet in a soothing peppermint eucalyptus soak, pressure point massage to the feet then slip into our beautiful basin and relax while soaking in herbal infused water with scents of lemon grass and grapefruit to increase metabolism and cleanse the skin. Finally, drift away during your customized 60 minute massage to relax deeper muscles and increase circulation


The Healing Pearl

  • Herbal Bath
  • Rest and relax
  • Sauna Session
  • 60 minute Massage
  • 2.5 Hours

Description: The ultimate in detoxifying and purging sessions, The healing pearl is a process of cleansing and transformation in our basin of healing herbal infused water to relax and increase circulation, the far infrared sauna to induce perspiration and purge the skin cells, and a customized massage to boost the immune system and gently massage deeper muscles that will leave you feeling cleansed and transformed.