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The educational studio at Pacific Pearl La Jolla was created through the financial support of Miraglo Foundation and the Taylor Advised Endowment Fund for Integrative and Holistic Medicine Education and Research.




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DR. MIMI GUARNERI’S PERSONAL WEBSITE: for her wellness blog and more!


AIHM Journal Club: Articles

The AIHM Journal Club identifies and comments on topics and articles in medical journals that deserve attention by clinicians attempting to keep pace with global advances in integrative health and medicine. The AIHM Journal Club explicitly supports the publication of high-quality articles in peer-reviewed, indexed medical journals. Articles are selected by international experts nominated by their peers and approved by AIHM.

The AIHM Journal Club is available exclusively online. Approximately 10 commentaries are published each month. See their extensive list of topics and articles.

Link here: AIHM Journal Club


About AIHM

The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine unites the many voices in integrative health — from family doctors to psychologists, acupuncturists to nurses and every practitioner in between — to build bridges between professions and offer credible educational and certification programs for licensed healthcare providers. There’s a place for you, no matter what your profession in healthcare. Dr. Mimi Guarneri is President of the AIHM.

The Academy advocates for affordability and accessibility on behalf of patients and practitioners and builds leadership capacity in the next generation of caregivers. By combining science and compassion, we are transforming health and medical care.

AIHM sponsors and supports educational events throughout the year. See their website for more information, upcoming events and to become an AIHM member.