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Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

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You’ve struggled too long with complex, confounding health challenges.

You follow your conventional medical plans, but still feel sick, frustrated, and confused.

At Pacific Pearl La Jolla, seasoned conventional, integrative, functional, and naturopathic doctors unite to create your comprehensive, personalized road map for achieving your ideal health.  

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Deepak Chopra endorses mimi guarneri

“Luminary Dr. Mimi Guarneri is one of the most influential people on the planet as far as integrative medicine, health, and well-being.”

     – Deepak Chopra, MD, author Meta Human and founder The Chopra Center


Guarneri Free Health Downloads

Could you use a little back-up making your healthiest choices? Get:

– Mimi Guarneri MD’s Jump Start Grocery List

fill your grocery cart and kitchen with 100 of the healthiest foods available

– Mimi Guarneri MD’s Basic Laboratory Menu List

know the names of key labs tests that reveal your current health status

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Dr. Guarneri greeting

Let Our World-Renowned Integrative Health Team Take You on a Healing Journey

Safe and Convenient Access to Care

Pacific Pearl La Jolla practitioners are laser-focused on your safety and healing. Membership team doctors provide healthcare navigation 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

Partner with a Team of Experts About Your Care

Tackle your health challenges and goals from several powerful angles. Your team will be selected from our integrative, conventional, functional, and naturopathic specialists.

Learn to Thrive with Functional and Integrative Medicine Approaches

Experience the synergy of body, mind, spirit therapies.  Understand how the interplay among systems  (digestive, respiratory, etc.) impacts your overall health.

Know, Understand & Work with Your Unique Physiology 

Learn how your body is operating on many levels. Before you commit to medications or surgery, explore what your body truly needs now.

“What are your core concerns?”


There are many paths to healing. When you come to Pacific Pearl La Jolla, you will meet with an medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor. You may even work with an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a nutritionist and/or a nurse coach to start making profound, life-long improvements to your health.

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Online Integrative Health & Wellness Courses

Learn in your home from anywhere in the world. On-demand and online courses featuring top experts featuring the most current integrative health and wellness research. 


Pacific Pearl Weight Loss Program

Mindfulness for Well-Being in Body, Mind & Spirit

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Let us Take Care of You

Patients Who Thrive at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

pensive woman thinking about integrated health services
Individuals with chronic or confounding challenges like heart disease, diabetes, hormone challenges, weight management, cognitive decline, emotional balance, sleep issues, and combinations of these.
Mimi Guarneri MD with patient providing integrative health services
Those who understand that personalized care based on your unique physiology, goals, and thorough lab tests is the best way to achieve ideal health.
older man with family hugging
Seniors looking to maximize the quantity and quality of life to enjoy more activities and time with loved ones and friends.
man running up hill after getting integrative health services
Those looking to maximize their cognitive and/or physical potential.

Meet the Team

Dr. Guarneri has assembled a team of world-class experts to deliver comprehensive, personalized healthcare. By combining integrative, conventional, functional, and naturopathic medical therapies along with white-glove service, we create better patient outcomes.  On staff are cardiologists, internal medicine specialists, emergency medicine doctors, psychologists, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, acupuncturists, nutrition and fitness coaches, and nurse coaches.
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Pacific Pearl La Jolla Integrative doctors

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In addition to our integrative medical center, the Pacific Pearl La Jolla is home to a number of organizations that together form a comprehensive center for medical care, holistic wellbeing, global philanthropy, and healing education.

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