Membership FAQs


What is Membership?

  • For flat annual fee, membership medicine provides prioritized access to your doctor, highly personalized care, and enhanced services for wellness and education that are not available through insurance.
  • The recommended point of entry to membership is following a comprehensive wellness assessment and review by a two-doctor team.
  • Dr. Guarneri oversees the care of all members with your personal two-doctor team.
  • As a member of Pacific Pearl La Jolla you get prioritized access to your integrative care team of medical and holistic experts. Your MD-ND or MD-MD team will help you to understand all of your options – natural and conventional – and to navigate the complex medical system. Membership connects you to comprehensive care from natural and integrative health experts who serve as your guide along the path to your health goals, including our network of regional and international specialists. Members also have access to educational programs and lectures. Membership benefits include monthly specials, discounts on supplements and health products, priority access to retreats and appointments, and after-hours contact with a doctor.

See our Membership page for more benefits.

What is included in a Membership?

  • Healthcare navigation locally and nationally
  • Expedited & priority scheduling
  • Valet parking for office appointments
  • In-house phlebotomy
  • Options for appointments in person or remotely
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Assistance scheduling imaging and radiology
  • Invitation to special lectures on topics from neuroscience to nutrition
  • Health education materials including nutrition, physical activity, and mind-body practices for managing stress
  • Free Patient Portal, providing personal access to your medical records, ability to update your health profile, view your appointment history and financial transactions
  • Specials only for Members
  • 10% discount on Wellness Shop purchases including supplements

What is the financial policy at Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc.?

  • Fees for appointments are due at the time of service. We do not handle insurance for patients.
  • As a courtesy, we can provide the necessary information (Superbills) for you to submit to your insurance company for services.
  • When possible, lab testing and procedures are billed to insurance (including in-house diagnostics).

Can I see other providers for individual appointments?

  • Yes.  Dr. Guarneri’s annual VIP members may schedule directly with the other doctors outside of their membership, and with the acupuncturist, osteopathic doctor, massage therapist, healing touch practitioner, nurse health coach and any other provider at Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc./Pacific Pearl La Jolla

Can I see Dr. Guarneri without a Membership?

  • Dr. Guarneri is available for Comprehensive Wellness Assessments and Second Opinions.
  • Dr. Guarneri oversees the two-doctor Membership teams.
  • Dr. Guarneri is available for VIP Members.

What will my Comprehensive Assessment include?

A Comprehensive Wellness Assessment is recommended but not required to join Guarneri Integrative Health Inc. as a Member. It is not an actual component of Membership.

Is Dr. Guarneri Available for Comprehensive Assessments?

Dr. Guarneri is available for comprehensive assessments. These assessments can occur annually, on a one-time basis or as needed by the client (once-annually). These assessments are a two clinician team and include Dr. Guarneri and a Naturopathic Doctor or another MD. Comprehensive assessments consist of an initial 90-minute assessment and a 45 minute follow up appointment to review additional tests. After the initial assessment is completed a recommendation will be made regarding on-going care at Pacific Pearl. On-going care may include Pacific Pearl VIP Membership or for a limited number of clients.

Who Should Choose a Comprehensive Assessment?

If you have a health challenge and are not getting the answers you need from your conventional clinicians, you may benefit from a comprehensive assessment. If you are under the care of a conventional physician and are not feeling well, you may benefit from a comprehensive assessment. If you want a second opinion regarding the care you are receiving from a conventional clinician, including the need for cardiovascular surgery, stenting etc., you could benefit from a comprehensive assessment. Comprehensive assessments are available for most health challenges including: cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, thyroid disease, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, leaky gut, hormonal replacement therapy, sleep disturbance and many more.