Behind Rauni Prittinen King’s Affirmations

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Behind Rauni Prittinen King’s Affirmations

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Dear Readers: Rauni began her Affirmations series to provide emotional support during the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to receive her series in your inbox regularly. Read her initial message here:

Monday, April 13, 2020

Dear Members, Patients and Friends,

For many of us, it feels that our life is out of control. We face bad news, financial challenges and a pandemic that has no clear end point. It has forced us to stop and take note of how we live our lives and what truly matters.

How do we stay grounded and feel more powerful, despite all that is going on around us? This is a time to take care of ourselves first, before taking care of others—even when we are caregivers. How do we stay calm and strong when all this chaos is around us and in the world?

There are many different forms of meditation which help calm your mind. My favorite is the Mountain Meditation, in which you are the mountain and see all the seasons hitting you, but you are still sitting there unaffected, untouched, and grounded.

Staying positive and hopeful takes work. We want to provide you with one easy way to help you be your best and most healthy self throughout this crisis. We can help by providing you with once simple “I AM” statement each weekday. To receive these weekday affirmations in your inbox, click the button above or below and enter your email address so we can put you on a special list. Of course we never share your information. Please accept this as our gift to you. We want to reach as many as possible during this difficult time.

It takes time to start meditating and to practice staying still. I know this all too well from when I explored various meditation styles over 30 years ago while my life was hectic with small children and my ICU work. A one-word prayer, chant or affirmation is the easiest. A sacred word or thought will calm your mind and help you to focus and stay grounded.

You can say this while you do your daily tasks, take your shower, drive in the car as well as when you are trying to fall to sleep. No matter how you feel, tell yourself positively what your Body, Mind and Soul wants to hear. Let go of your negative self-talk and stay in the present moment. Knowing that all healing happens in the present moment.

Today we start by repeating the following “Pearl:”

I AM Healthy, I AM Healthy, I AM Healthy, I AM Healthy, etc . . .

Continue saying this affirmation over and over again, in your mind or aloud in a very affirmative tone.

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Love, Light and Healing,

Rauni Prittinen King, MIH, RN, CHTP/I, HNB-BC

Executive Director

Pacific Pearl La Jolla.


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