The Care and Feeding of our Mitochondria (Video Lecture) – AIHM President’s Choice #70

The Care and Feeding of our Mitochondria (Video Lecture) – AIHM President’s Choice #70

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The Care and Feeding of our Mitochondria – Video

…A Lecture by Robert Rountree, MD.

…What do you get when you combine hard science with practical clinical application and a great sense of humor? A lecture by Robert Rountree, MD! I’m a big fan of Dr. Rountree and love his ability to engagingly synthesize complicated concepts into digestible evidence-informed clinical recommendations. He gave a lecture entitled “The Care of and Feeding of Our Mitochondria” at the Natural Supplements conference in January, and I’m grateful that he agreed to allow us to share it with you for this President’s Choice! To access the lecture, please click here or see below.

…Dr. Rountree will teach you many things in his 49 minute lecture, including:
  • the structure, function and metabolic pathways of mitochondria
  • the pathophysiology of mitochondrial damage (toxins, reactive oxygen species, dietary factors)
  • the connection between mitochondrial damage and common disease and health conditions
  • how to support mitochondria with diet, nutrients, phytochemicals, and other techniques
…All in all, a very rich lecture with immediate clinical utility. I am confident that you and your clients/patients will benefit from his lecture, and that you will enjoy the learning process. Perhaps you will even develop a deep respect for mitochondria, or think of them in a very new way. Thank you, Dr. Rountree, for sharing your work with us!

…Blessings on your journey,
…Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABIHM
…AIHM President


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