The World after Covid-19: Our One Chance to Heal Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our Planet

The World after Covid-19: Our One Chance to Heal Ourselves, Our Communities, and Our Planet

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ViD COV 07302020 Our One Chance

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Dear Patients, Members, and Friends,
In the recent Beyond Immunity: Transforming Health webinar, Mimi Guarneri MD explained to Wellness and Integrative Health faculty and students that we must change our consciousness now in order to protect our health and create the vibrant, healthy and beautiful world we are currently damaging.
Dr. Guarneri covers:
  • why the tropical diseases she thought she’d never see in her office are a direct consequence of climate change.
  • why societal issues like poor diet, systemic racism, and social isolation underlie and complicate the most prevalent, dangerous diseases.
  • how the food we eat and the agricultural industry are making us sick.
  • the studies that prove food is medicine, acupuncture is medicine, healing touch is medicine, positive relationships are medicine and good sleep is medicine.
  • 3 amazing health and economic models that will help us change our consciousness to health creation rather than the current big-pharma-, big-insurance-driven disease treatment model.
  • the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Covid-19 is providing us to go forward with a compassionate healthcare and lifestyle model that emphasizes healthcare equality, social justice, and environmental rejuvenation.
  • Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)’s incredible opinion piece by Donald Berwick, MD entitled, The Moral Determinants of Health.
Please watch the video, and share it with friends via your email or your social channels. After you share, start being the change you want to see by advocating in your community for:
  • solutions to systemic trauma within communities of color
  • a preventative, whole-body, health-creation model that will heal our immune systems, overall health, friends, neighbors, and communities
  • a robust environmental protection and recovery plan that aggressively works to rectify climate change, pollution, environmental toxins, and more.
 Review the charitable organizations we recommend and support or research your own.

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