What Is Prolotherapy

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What Is Prolotherapy

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What is Prolotherapy – Prolotherapy at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

Prolotherapy is intended to illicit an immune response from your body in order to heal your muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue. With an effective treatment pain relief is the intended response as well as jumpstarting your body’s natural healing responses.


How Does Prolotherapy Work

Prolotherapy works by using the solvents such as dextrose, water and local anesthetics like Procaine and Lidocaine. The idea is “good inflammation” is used to initiate the body’s healing responses and speed up immunity. The inflammation generated then recruits cells (fibroblasts) to the area to rehabilitate damaged tissue and stimulate growth of new tissue. Damaged tissues that are targeted during Prolotherapy are intended to become a focal point for the bodies healing properties.

Benefits of Prolotherapy

  • Pain Relief: Some people who’ve used prolotherapy report a noticeable reduction in their pain after their injections.
  • Very few side effects: Prolotherapy is a relatively low-risk treatment that usually doesn’t have any serious side effects.
  • Can be used with other treatments: Prolotherapy can be administered in addition to other treatments such as PRP and PRF, but make sure to talk to your provider before starting it.


Is Prolotherapy Right For Me

Typically before any treatment at Pacific Pearl La Jolla patients have a consultation with our health professionals on their current condition and treatment(s) is decided from that point going forward. The treatment itself is a short period of time and typically only a few injections. Depending on your exact treatment your doctor will determine the exact solution as well as the number of injections.

Conditions That Can Benefit From Prolotherapy

  • Arthritis- knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, hand, wrist.
  • Ligament sprains– ankle injuries, knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries- dislocation, separation
  • Neck stiffness/pain- sprains, whiplash, chronic pain
  • TMJ issues- jaw pain, clicking
  • Elbow pain- tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow
  • Knee pain– arthritis, all ligament and tendon problems, runner’s knee
  • Low Back pain from arthritis, disc disease, strain
  • Foot pain– plantar fasciitis, weak arch, ankle injuries


What To Expect Post Treatment

Prolotherapy sessions have little to no recovery time, depending on the area of your treatment you may experience some soreness and/or swelling. Tissue repair starts around day three once the inflammation has started to subside and continues for the next several weeks. Typically doctors suggest no strenuous activity for 2-3 days after receiving the injections to facilitate the healing process.


Consultation with Pacific Pearl

If you have any issues you think Prolotherapy could be of use, set up a consultation with Pacific Pearl and have our expert Doctors create a treatment plan for you.

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