Custom Anti-Viral Packages


Work with your unique physiology to optimize your immune function, fight viruses and create exceptional health. Final price varies according to individual needs. 

Pacific Pearl La Jolla physicians and providers hand-select the ideal combination of anti-viral formulas based on your age, unique physiology and health issues. Your package may include Viral Shield, Zinc Shield, My Community Mushrooms and more. Using key information from your medical history and blood test, we recommend supplementation with one or a combination of nutrient formulations to fuel immune function. Your custom anti-viral package will be as unique as you are. Contact the Pacific Pearl at 858-459-6919 to get your recommendations. 

The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization believe that new viruses will threaten the world’s populations more frequently in the coming decades. The best way to protect yourself from new, potent viruses is by building up something you already have: your immune system.


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Formulations hand-selected by physicians according to patient age, physical condition, and health issues.