Berberine Pearls


This high-dose berberine formula includes 1000mg of Berberine Extract per 3 capsules. Berberine is derived from tyrosine in plants that is extracted from various herbs, including goldenseal, Chinese goldthread, Oregon grape, yellow root, Phellodendron, and barberry. Berberine has long been used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, including activity against Candida albicans.


In laboratory studies, berberine is reported to decrease intestinal epithelial tight junction damage done by pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Berberine is reported to decrease proinflammatory cytokine-induced intestinal epithelial tight junction damage in vitro, and berberine may help restore barrier function in intestinal disease states. Berberine is also reported to improve insulin sensitivity in human studies, and comparable to metformin in those respects.


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Weight 2.88 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 4 in
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3 capsules

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